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E.A.L.A.B.A.  National Indoor Singles Championship - 24/25th September 2016

The competition was held over 2 days the competition with 2 groups of 5 & 1 group of 4, on a round robin basis. After all the games had been played and the results were checked then rechecked it went down to shot difference. Group winners were Grp 1 Neil Smith:   Grp 2 Bob Love: Grp 3 Chris Grey. Highest runner up from all the groups was John Rogers.


Names were drawn from a hat for the semi finals, results were as follows:-

Chris Grey 15-14 John Rogers we had to have an extra end as this was a tie when the whistle was blown.

Neil Smith 7-21 Bob Love

Both semi finals were played to a high standard and great to watch.


The final and the 3rd/4th play off were as follows:-

Final - Bob Love 12-16 Chris Grey

3rd/4th play off - Neil Smith 17-6 John Rogers

Again we were treated to an excellent show of bowls so the overall result was


National Indoor Singles Champion - Chris Grey

Runner up - Bob Love

3rd - Neil Smith

4th - John Rogers

These 4 bowlers will now represent EALABA at the DBE Masters at Gedling in November.


On Saturday, we welcomed our patron Andy Thomson MBE. He come to watch and encourage the bowlers, it is always nice to see him.

A big thank you to the wive's, partners, helpers and John Barr - umpire also, a big thank you to Nick and his team for the excellent food.

Report by Ros Otton.      


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National Drawn Pairs Championship 2016 National Singles Championship 2016

E.A.L.A.B.A. National Drawn Pair Championship - 15th October 2016

We had an excellent attendance for this years Pairs competition with 16 bowlers taking part. We had 8 pairs divided into two groups with each group being played on a round robin basis. After some excellent games of bowls and close games it come down to shot difference to decide the top 4 to compete in the finals.


The top 2 pairs from each group with 6 points were John Rogers and Bob Love who played Gary Swift and Irene Cheer for 1st and 2nd place overall. The 2nd place in each group after a count back on shot difference was Mac Otton and Dave Fisher playing Keith Urquhart for 3rd and 4th place.


The overall result was

National Drawn Pairs Champions: Bob Love & John Rogers winning 10-5

Runners up Gary Swift & Irene Cheer

3rd Keith Urquhart & Daniel Lockhart winning 9-8

4th Mac Otton-Dave Fisher


The day was a great success thanks to all those that took part, the wives, girlfriends and partners, the catering staff and to John Barr, Umpire.

Report by Ros Otton, EALABA Secretary


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National Singles Championship 2015 Drawn Pairs Championship 2015

E.A.L.A.B.A.  National Indoor Singles Championship - 2015

Ten bowlers were split into two groups of five.  A round robin of four games for each bowler.  After some excellent games, the top two from each group played off for the top four positions.  Mac Otton played Neil Smith for the 3rd and 4th position and Barry Jones played Bob Love for the overall title.  


The final positions were 4th place Neil Smith, 3rd place Mac Otton, runner up Barry Jones, winner and Champion - Bob Love.  


The event was attended by our patron Andy Thomson MBE.  Andy spoke to many of the bowlers giving some sound advice when asked.  


The top four bowlers were now automatically entered to take part in the DBE Masters.  ALL bowlers had an excellent weekend and went home content.  Unfortunately no photo's.


Report by Ros Otton.


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E.A.L.A.B.A.  National Drawn Pairs Championship - 2015

This years Drawn Pairs were well attended compared to previous years.  Twelve bowlers six pairs.  Time restrictions meant that the draw was done prior to the day, this was carried out by my grand-daughter Ami Otton.  The competition was run on a round robin basis but, due to the number of teams and time, not all pairs were able to play each other, perhaps time for a re-think and run it over two days numbers permitting.  After all 4 sessions were played, with some excellent bowling and closely fought games the results were as follows;


National Pairs Champions - Irene Cheer & Gary Swift.

Runners up - Steve Johnson & Dave Fisher.

3rd place - Neil Smith & Mac Otton.

4th place - Jim Conway & Pip Smith.

5th place - Daniel Lockhart & Barry Jones.

6th place - Bob Hensridge & Ray Smith.


The presentations by Vic Bird junior bowls coach - Tamworth I.B.C.


Danial Lockhart was presented with the Stan Hathaway trophy, who unfortunately, was not available during our outdoor nationals.

Report by Ros Otton


Photo:  Gallery 


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