Details of Annual Membership

Types of subscription

Membership - EALABA

Membership runs from 1st January for 12 months and you can join EALABA in any of the following associations:-

  • Competitor
  • Supporter
  • Coach
  • Other….volunteer.

Membership Subscription Details

There are 3 different types of subscription:-

Player with voting rights£15 pa
Family with 1 voting right only, include 1 player only£20 pa
Associate no voting right£10 pa

The above Membership Fee covers 2023 and 2024 – 2 years for the price of 1 (offer ends 31/12/2023)

New members joining during the year will pay £1.00 less for each month missed of that year.

To become a member or renew, download the form and return as per details Member Application Form

Membership renewal

Renewals are due on the 1st of January each year.

Annual General Meeting & Voting Rights

We have an Annual General Meeting specifically to discuss the progress of the Association, future development, selection of Committee members, fees etc.. Voting rights apply at the AGM that is normally held in September, during our National Singles Championship. Dependent on your subscription type your voting rights are as follows:- Ordinary members have a single vote each, whereas in a Family group, they only have a single vote.

In terms of payment, at this point in time, this is only by cheque or cash.

Membership - ealaba polo shirt

We have a dress code for members comprising an Association polo shirt, which can be purchased from our secretary. This can be worn with grey or white (in Competitions) below the waist dependent on the event.

membership EALABA LOGO