Disability Bowls Equipment

There is a large variety of disability bowls equipment and accessories available to help players. As a result, we show here a selection of the most widely used. There is a plethora of accessories, bowls towels, spray chalk, score cards, clothing, shoes etc. All are available brand new from a variety of suppliers, nationally. Some equipment, aids and accessories maybe available second hand, purchasable through bowls clubs and on-line. Importantly, great care neeeds be taken buying second hand, ensuring they are fit for purpose, in good working order and safe.

Types of disability bowls equipment

Bowls lifter, booster and bowling arm

Dependent upon size, bowls vary in weight between 1070 – 1580 grms (2lb 5oz – 3lb 7oz). Certain physical challenges can make picking a bowl up difficult, especially out of the ditch. The bowls lifter resolves this challenge and doubling as a jack lifter.

Similarly, delivering the bowl or jack can be difficult, therefore the use of a booster/launcher enables ‘pushing’ of the bowl/jack.

Another option is the bowling arm. The video below shows the action and benefit using a bowling arm. These are available in different lengths to suit your height. Bowling arms can also be used from a wheelchair using a short version.

disability bowls equipment- walking stick with large ferrule to aid stability

Walking stick users need a large diameter ferrule to spread the load when on the rink/green. Ferrules can be added to a wooden/aluminium walking stick. Collapsible versions are available. Use of a walking stick also aids stability during the delivery action.

Disability bowls wheelchairs and walking frame

Wheelchairs need wide wheels to spread the load to protect the playing surface. Some require a helper to push whilst others can be self propelled. Two main types are shown – Bradshaw Bowls Buggy and Para-handy. Battery powered chairs have limited availability and are expensive. Wheelchairs are a very personal requirement therefore, expert help in choosing is highly recommended.

A new addition is the wheeled walking frame with wide wheels and ferrules.

disability bowls aid - bowl and jack pick up or lifter
Collapsible bowls and jack lifter
disability bowls - collapsible walking stick and bag
Drakes Pride walking stick and bag

disability bowls - Drakes Pride walking stick ferrule for mobility
Walking stick ferrule
disability bowls equipment  - bowling arm, different lengths
Drakes Pride Bowling arm, different lengths available.
disability bowls equipment Drakes Pride bowling arm in use
Bowling arm action
disability bowls aid for mobility Bowls buddy walking frame
Bowls mobility walking frame
disability bowls aid - Drakes Pride bowl jack booster
Collapsible bowl/jack booster
disability bowls aid - Thomas Taylor UBI bowls launcher
Thomas Taylor Adustable bowl/jack laucher
disability bowls aid - for stability, Thomas Taylor UBI bowls launcher
Bowl/jack launcher head
parahandy wheelchair for bowlers who cannot stand to bowl
Para-handy wheelchair
disability bowls equipment powered wheelchair
Powered disability bowls wheelchair

Take a look at our Archives to see some of this equipment in use, try these – Archive 2017 and Archive 2018.

It is vitally important that we have the right equipment to help with our physical challenges and to help us play this wonderful game of bowls, safely. Bowls governing bodies recognise our need hence, we have shown only those approved for use in all levels of play.