EALABA Patron - Andy Thomson MBE

Established  2007

Purposeful Exercise


Training is a vital part of any sportsman programme to improve their performance and compete at the highest level possible.  To help our members gain greater consistency and improve their game the following excercises have been designed and should be practiced on a regular basis.  The length of practice depends upon an individuals ability and commitment.  20 to 30 minutes per exercise then take a 5 minute rest, rehydrate and change to a different exercise.  Measure your training improvement using a points system.  Listen to your body, do not over tire yourself and try to finish your session on a high.

Exercise 1 - Reverse/alternate - test of line and weight control

Mat at 3mtr.  4 jacks/pins at 23, 27, 31mtr and last at 1.75 short of ditch.  Deliver 4w nominating each shot, alternating each hand and different lengths, no shot can be repeated.  


Score 1pt within 1mtr, 2pts within 0.6mtr, 3pts within 0.3mtr and bonus 5 pts for touching the jack/pin and staying within 0.3mtr.  Can be used for other exercises.


Exercise 2 - Short draw - Line reference adjustment

Mat up - 3 metres (mtr) short of minimum mat position; jack 2m from opposite ditch. 2w fb, 2w bh.   This is designed to show the effect of moving the mat up the rink and change in use of reference/aim points.  


Exercise 3 - Offset draw - Line and tactics test

Mat at 2mtr; jack 2m from ditch, 1m in from left-hand edge of rink.  Also, a second jack 25mtr from m, 1.5mtr to right-hand side of centre line.  2w bh, 2w fh to each jack (8 bowls total).  This is designed to show the effect of bowling off line and also, the dangers of bowling the wrong hand.  Coach (if available) shall explain how to achieve the line adjustment, dangers of bowling fh & bh in relation to the head and proximity of rink limitations.


Exercise 4 - Beat the shot - Test of length control and tactic

Mat at 2mtr, jack in ditch 0.5mtr off cl rh.  1w in ditch 1.0mtr to left of jack.  2w on rink, 1w on cl and 2mtr short of ditch, 1w 1mtr short of ditch and 1.0mtr off cl rh.  Scenario 3 shot down.  4 bowls either hand.  


Score 3 points (pts) for shot, 2 pts for 2nd 1pt for 3rd.


Exercise 5 - Take the shot - Tactical

Mat at 4m, jack at 29m, position 4 bowls to box in jack allow approximate 1mtr gap.  Using either hand bowler to take the shot.  Take shot and without touching the jack.


Exercise 6 - Offset jacks - Test of fine line & length adjustment

Mat at 2m.  Place 4 jacks or pins at 30 degree angle across the rink.  Shortest jack or pin 25m from m and 1.0m to left of centreline (cl), the next 0.5m left of cl, next 0.5m to right of cl and last 1.0m from right of cl.  Bowl 4w on forehand either increasing or decreasing on length.