National Indoor Drawn Pairs Report 2021

Members congregated at Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club for this years’ National Drawn Pairs to play in its new format, over two days. Randomly drawn teams comprised:-

  1. Dave Fisher & Steve Angus
  2. Harry Atkin & Pip Smith
  3. Bob Love & Neil Smith
  4. Ray Smith & Khalila Hussain
  5. Alex Comack & Peter Vickers
  6. Mac Otton & Paul Baker
  7. Joe Peplow & John Rogers
  8. Steve Smith & Kris Rose
  9. Colin Wagstaff & Arthur Redfearn

Playing on a league basis guaranteed bowlers 8 matches, each of 75 minutes, and a potential 15-minute break in-between.

After a short warm-up, the battle commenced. Competition was fierce as expected throughout the day which included a break for a rejuvenating 2-course lunch. At the end of the day, only a handful of teams were undefeated and some had played 5 matches.

After a restful night, with most players staying at local chain hotels, competition resumed. It is amazing how a break can change a teams fortunes with a couple of undefeated teams dropping matches. Another lunch break and then onto the final session bringing the first loss for one undefeated pair.

By then end of play confusion reigned. Out came the calculators; 3rd and 4th place were decided but the 1st and 2nd places needed the invention of the umpire Alan George. After 15 minutes of checking and double-checking the winning pair was announced.

The top 2 pairings had the same number of points and same shot difference. The eventual winner had won more ends 26 to 25!

Winners 2021
Runners up 2021
3rd place 2021

Here are the final positions:-

  1. Bob Love & Neil Smith
  2. Joe Peplow & John Rogers
  3. Dave Fisher & Steve Angus
  4. Colin Wagstaff & Arthur Redfearn
  5. Harry Atkin & Pip Smith
  6. Ray Smith & Khalila Hussain
  7. Steve Smith & Kris Rose
  8. Alex Comack & Peter Vickers
  9. Mac Otton & Paul Baker

Well done everyone and a huge thank you to all at Tamworth Indoor Bowls for their help.

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