Nail biting ….. or what!!

After a hairy, and traumatic, lead up to any match one can imagine, this challenge match against Gedling Indoor Bowls Club, on Saturday 13th April, has to be one of the best in our history. Nail biting doesn’t begin to describe it!

Team selection could not be finalised until the night before the match. A number of EALABA players had to (understandably) pull out due to playing National and County Finals on the same day. Health issues caused 2 more late withdrawals. EALABA got out of jail by calling upon a number of friends from Tamworth IBC plus Colin Wagstaff’s wife Sandra (never knew she could bowl and a good lead!!). Event day and match is ‘ON’ (huge sigh of relief).

The Morning

Started with breakfast baps for the hungry followed (not too quickly) by two team games – House of Cards: a test of drawing skills and Toss of a Coin: a strategic team game. Lunch time soon loomed with the arrival of the Gedling IBC players. Hot drinks, home made cakes and biscuits were provided by the Birch family. Players also dipped into their own pre-packed lunches and various types of baps provided by stewards, and the EALABA committee.

The Players

The Match.

Battle commenced over 4 rinks of triples and 1 of 4’s. Only 1 shot counted on the first two ends, killed jacks placed on the re-spot positions. The 15 ends were hard fought all the way with the lead swapping a number of times. Gedling got off to a flyer but were pegged back by the halfway mark, then the lead changed a number of times.

With four ends to go, EALABA lead by 2 shots, Gedling then nicked 2 shots with a heavy wick, then they nicked another 2 shots with another wick. Two ends left and EALABA held 5 shots until the Gedling skip drew a single. This left EALABA needing 3 for a draw and 4 to win. EALABA’s last skip needed a delicate touch on the jack to push it to a waiting cluster of 4 bowls to win but …… it was not to be and Gedling took a single to win 67-63.

A great, nail biting battle, played in a very spirited and friendly fashion. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 5 years before a return match.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes to the Gedling IBC players for travelling from Nottingham, to Tamworth IBC for the use of their facilities and to the Tamworth IBC players who volunteered their skills for EALABA.

Who are EALABA and why should you consider joining them?

We are a bowls Association for players with a disability. If your disability is not covered by a dedicated bowls Club, then consider joining us. Use this link to read full details EALABA and then Contact us for a chat.

EALABA feeds into and works closely with Disability Bowls England (DBE). And most players are members of DBE, and some are with LimbPower as well.

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