Challenge match day

Our first challenge match of 2024 took place in Saturday 2nd March at Tamworth IBC. The morning session comprised 4rinks of pairs and 1 of singles playing Countdown. No not the TV game. The bowls game is simple with team scoring 4pts for shot, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th; any bowl further than 2 m away did not count. The game concept is drawing to get as close as possible, without firing, and encouraging to keep opportunities of taking shot.

On rink 6, new EALABA member and, also, member of LimbPower, Maggie Hall had a 90 minute coaching session with EALABA coach John Rogers. This was the first time Maggie had played on an indoor 36m rink. The session was designed to set Maggie up for her first proper match.

After lunch the challenge match against Tamworth select 18 got under way. 6 rinks of triples was the format. For the umpteenth year on the trot these two adversaries battled from the sound of the bell. Fortunes were mixed, after 5 ends both teams were wining 3 rinks each. At ten ends there was no change. Over the last 5 ends, the strength of EALABA saw them pulling away big time to the following result.

  • Rink 1 – Alex Comack, Daniel Humphries & Chris Gray won 16-10
  • Rink 2 – Marie Nicolson, Mac Otton & Bob Love won 17-12
  • Rink 3 – Norman Ardin (on loan from TIBC), Rhys Taylor & Colin Wagstaff lost 13-18
  • Rink 4 – Mintu (on loan from TIBC), John Rogers & Gary Swift won 22-10
  • Rink 5 – Maggie Hall, David Nicholson & Steve Angus won 15-12
  • Rink 6 – Rhys Milton, Barry Nicholson & Harry Aitkin won 22-5
  • Overall score: win for EALABA 105-67

A special mention goes to Maggie Hall who play very well in her first ever time on the rink. David Nicholson (coach) kindly mentored Maggie throughout the match. (Thank you David).

The Players

Thanks go to Tamworth for the use of their rinks and facilities. The day wrapped up about 4.30 with many players returning to their hotels and chilling out for the England LD practice day on the Sunday. This would be the last time the full England squad would be training prior to the Home Nations Championship for the Munro Cup at Falkirk, April 23rd – 25th.

Next event – Saturday 13th April including a challenge match against Gedling IBC from Nottingham.

See our Event for the remained of 2024 and provisional for 2025, click here EVENTS.

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