EALABA’s challenge vs Tamworth Indoor Bowls – 2023

It hardly seems like 12 months since the previous EALABA’s challenge vs Tamworth Indoor Bowls however, there has been a lot of water under the bridge in that time. Chairman Gary Swift has stepped down and is taking 12 months out for personal reasons, and Ros Otton, Secretary since 2007, has resigned through ill health. The members wish both a huge thank you for everything they have done and, Ros please get well soon. We hope to see both of you at future EALABA events.

Prior to the challenge match, EALABA bowlers had a morning of practice exercises prepared by their coach. One rink was dedicated to a roll up and another for 1 to 1 coaching. The exercises commenced with practise of delivering jacks to a 2 metre deep target (something most bowlers rarely practice), the other exercises were designed to test line and weight, essential because virtually all bowlers play at different clubs, nationally.

Travelling from up to 200 miles away, nutrition and energy is important, and Tamworth’s Jiffy Bites Caterers provided a 2 course lunch of chicken roast dinner followed by apple crumble and custard. This set the players up for their triples match over 6 rinks. EALABA’s challenge team & opponents were:-

The Teams

1 – Bob Love, Ray Gray & Andrew Hofer-Villiers (local new bowler standing in for late EALABA withdrawal for medical reasons) vs Ian & Heather Jacob, Cheryl Birch.

2 – Stevie Angus, Alice Atkins & Sandra Baker vs Alan Palmer, Diane Peace & Ray Burton.

3 – John Rogers, Harry Atkins & new member Paul Akers vs Ian Roberts, Jayne Hall & Roger Johnson.

4 – Colin Wagstaff, Paul Baker & Kirsty Atkins vs John Boulstridge, Berni Woodfield & Peter Carlo

5 – David Stearn, Chris Gray & Rhys Taylor vs Malcolm Birch, Mike Howell & Sue Patrick

6 – Anthony Page, Cathy Gray & Dave Payne (local bowler standing in for late EALABA withdrawal for medical reasons) vs Vic Mortimer, Mick Clarke & Chris Hall.

After the first 5 ends Tamworth were in the lead, winning 3 rinks and drawing 2. By the tenth end the tide had turned and EALABA’s strength began to tell, leading 5 – 1. Victory went to EALABA by 6 rink to nil and shots 100 – 59. However, the final scores did not reflect the battling of the Tamworth bowlers, and how close the scores were on certain rinks.

Final scores:- R1: 23-10. R2: 13-11. R3: 14-9. R4: 15-13. R5: 16-8. R6: 19-8.

Photo Gallery of the day..

Everyone wishes to thank Tamworth IBC for the use of their excellent facilities, and Jiffy Bites for very wholesome food. We will see you, again, in September for the EALABA Singles Championship on 23rd & 24th September.

6 thoughts on “EALABA’s challenge vs Tamworth Indoor Bowls – 2023”

  1. Thanks to Diane and John for an excellent day, it was special to meet up with some old friends again. We wish Ros well with her future treatment, she showed such a positive attitude we are sure she will be okay.
    To Diane and John, we will see you at Tamworth in September.
    Cathy, Chris & Ray Gray

    1. Thank you Cathy, Ray and Chris, your support is very much appreciated. We’ll see you at Nottingham on 14th and York on 25th April.

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