Double Trouble

EALABA recently held their National Drawn Pairs 2023 over a full and exciting weekend. Unfortunately, there were a couple of late withdrawals however, our supporters stepped up to play. Thank you Ray Gray and David Nicholson.

The competition is a drawn pairs league with pairings selected using a double blind random selector off the internet. Competition was very strong and at the end of day 1, it was any ones Championship with only 6 points dividing all teams.

The morning of day 2 proved enough for Paul Baker, he had competed so well but his energy levels were sapped and he decided to let his wife, Sandra, take over and play the last couple of games.

Team pairings: Alex Comack/Barry Nicholson; Chris Gray/Steven Nicholson; Mac Otton/Sally Darby; Ray Gray/Stevie Angus; David Nicholson/John Rogers; Bob Love (double trouble)/Rhys Taylor; Steven Smith/Paul Baker.

Rhys Taylor’s excellent leading to Mr Double Trouble, Bob Love, proved to much for their competitors winning all their matches.

Final Top 3 teams
Drawn Pairs Finalist with Tamworth IBC, Norman and Gill Ardin presenting the trophies.

Bob Love proved to be double trouble after taking the singles title a few weeks earlier and now the pairs. It was a great Championship played in excellent spirits and including a few new members. Thanks go to Tamworth IBC for allowing us the use of their rinks, Alan George (National Umpire) for adjudicating, the wheelchair pushers and Club President, Norman Ardin plus Club Captain, Gill Ardin for presenting the trophies.

Our next Event is on Saturday 2nd March at Tamworth IBC. All EALABA members can take part, whether player or supporter. The day will consist of a new morning session involving team play challenges, something different and, hopefully, infectious bowls format. After lunch a challenge triples match over 6 rinks against Gedling IBC.

Thank you to the Trophy Store for providing our trophies, and making an excellent reproduction of our Logo.

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