EALABA Dominate at DBE Classified….almost????

Six of our players took part in this year’s DBE Classified Singles Championships at Gedling IBC, Nottingham, on weekend of 25/26th February, and what a great performance – Stevie Angus B7, Gary Swift, John Rogers, John Greaves all B8, Joe Peplow, and Steve Ireland both B6.

With 9 para bowl England players competing, as you can imagine competition was fierce and every shot counted, therefore a good defense was imperative.

Joe Peplow – B6 Champion
Stevie Angus – B7 Champion
Anthony Page – B8 Champion

Runners up were Steve Ireland, B6: Helen Wood, B7: John Greaves, B8.

3rd place went to Craig Bowler; Tim Swann and John Rogers.

Anthony Page is the only non-EALABA member to be a Champion, however, that is likely to change because he has agreed to join us, and also, attend our training/match day on the 8th April.

As normal, Maggy Smith MBE, with her merry band of helpers ran another excellent event for DBE. Concerns were expressed that the future of Gedling IBC was at risk due to the local Council reviewing the future of the Richard Herrod Centre. Gedling members are fighting the situation with the help of local media. All DBE members offered their support and thanked Maggy and her team for all their hard work.

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