Back in the fold!

After a period in hospital and recovery at home under the care of nurse Diane, I am pleased to say that your Chairman is back.

This time of year is normally quiet for EALABA however, we have not been sitting on our laurels.

We are pleased to announce that we have made important contact with Kiera Roche, CEO & Founder & Gemma May of LimbPower. Shortly, we should be active on their Facebook page and, likewise LimbPower should be on our Facebook page. We are hoping to foster this link by offering bowls opportunities to their members and, in turn, grow our membership, adding to our current LimbPower members. Our Additional Support page has been updated to reflect our new link.

Hopefully, all of you have been keeping yourselves fit and playing plenty of bowls. We need you to be fit ready for our next Event on Saturday 2nd March. We are planning a new style challenge practice in the morning for those wishing to take part followed by a challenge match against Gedling IBC. More details will follow by email in the next couple of days.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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