Parabowl & LD successes

In Bob Love’s final International match he lead England to victory over Scotland and Wales in the Parabowls Home International held at Solihull IBC 22-24/4. Bob was well supported by EALABA players Joe Peplow and Gary Swift.

England dominated from the start running out winners by 35 pts to Scotland 22 & Wales 21.

In the Learning Disabilities International series, Munro Trophy, held at Cardiff IBC 27 & 28 April, EALABA members Harry Atkin and Chris Gray preformed brilliantly along with a strong England squad defending its title. A very new Scotland squad were determined to regain their title and were undefeated against Wales. As usual the Anglo/Scot matches were hotly contested. The standard of bowls was absolutely fantastic, very tight heads, with England just being edged into second place overall.

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