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DBE Masters Singles Championship- 2016 Ann Trotman Singles - 2016 Plant Weld Trophy - 2016 DBE vs Bowls England President Team - 2016

Ann Trotman Singles - 2016

For those of you who are not aware of who Ann Trotman was, she was a cerebral palsy Paralympian in various sports. I believe Ann won 53 paralympic medals over her years competing, she swam and, also, did wheelchair track & field events and later bowls; this is certainly never to be reached again. She started the CP Sport bowls squad and was the CP ISRA bowls co-ordinator and she was on, what was then, the BPA and IPC bowls committees. She always said that the disability groups should do more together.


She unfortunately died a number of years ago and the CP bowls section named this competition after her for all the work, over many years, she had contributed to disabled sport.

Report by Ros Otton


The singles was held over 12/13th March at Gedling IBC with a total of 25 bowlers attending. The bowlers were spilt into six groups, 5 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5. E.A.L.A.B.A. was well represented with 7 members entered:- Bob Henstridge, Daniel Lockhart, Gary Swift, Mac Otton, Bob Love, Dave Fisher and Barry Jones. The competition was run on a round robin basis with each bowler playing a total of 3 matches. After all the matches were played, the scores and shots counted the quarter finals were drawn as follows:- Bob Love v Gary Swift, Mac Otton v Gareth Harwood, Steve Angus v Terry Matthews and Kevin Page v Keith Collins. After some excellent and close games the semi finals were as follows:- Gareth Harwood v Bob Love and Terry Matthews v Keith Collins.


Again there was some great bowls and close games the final was then between Bob Love and Terry Matthews. This game was nip and tuck with neither player pulling away. The final result was 17 - 16 to Bob Love. The game was of a very high standard as was all the matches over the weekend.

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Plant Weld Triples - April 2016       Gallery: Plant Weld Triples - 2016

Once again the event was generously sponsored by Doug Carlin of Plant Welding Engineering, Nottingham. Doug’s father first sponsored a bowling event at Gedling IBC, Nottingham back in 1997 and continued to do so until he retired several years ago. Doug has carried on ever since.


It was an excellent turnout for this year’s tournament with 10 teams of triples competing over two days. The entries coming from far and wide, Wales, Sunderland, Hastings and many more places in between.  They included many different disabilities and familiar faces as well as several new ones.  Eight members from E.A.L.A.B.A. took part.


It was really good to see some of the very experienced bowlers entering with some new recruits.  These tournaments are not only very competitive but also good social events and great ways to meet up with old friends and also make new ones.


The teams were split into two groups, playing a round – robin format followed by a top team playoff for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes.  The games being 2 hours duration.  At the end of the round-robin stage the top team from each group were as follows.


Group 1 - Mac Otton, Dave Fisher and Steve Angus

Group 2 - Bob Love, Gary Swift and Keith Urquhart


These teams competed for 1st & 2nd place. The eventual winners being Bob, Gary and Keith, 12 shots to 8.


The teams taking second place after the round-robin playing for 3rd and 4th place included two husband and wife pairs on opposing sides!


Group 3 - Barbara Woolmore, Kevin Jones and Alec Newton

Group 4 - Kevin Woolmore, Pat Jones and Percy Powell


Kevin, Pat and Percy being the victors in this match winning 10 shots to 8.


E.A.L.A.B.A. members again showing what a strong bowling membership we have.


The Gedling helpers were as always, excellent, making life much easier for the bowlers and adding to the enjoyment of the whole weekend.

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DBE vs Bowls England Presidents Select Team - July 2016

On the 31st of July 2016 a match was played at Didcot Bowls Club -  DBE v Bowls England Preesidents Select

This was a 6 rink match with 36 Members of DBE taking part out of which 9 were Ealaba members Mac Otton, David Fisher, Bob Love, Gary Swift, Barry Jones, Daniel Lockhart, Bob Henstridge, Ray Smith and Adrian Mellows.  Adrian was playing his first game for both DBE and EALABA.





                                                                                 DBE photo Gallery





The overall score was Bowls England Presidents 98 DBE 140.

The games were of a very high standard with only 1 DBE rink losing.


Chris Gray, Andrew Taylor, Gary Swift & Bob Love: Won 29-12

Barry Jones, Simon Wright, Mike Birch & David Fisher: Won 27-15

Ray Smith, Jeanette Maisey, Keiran Rollings & Gill Platt: Lost 20-28

Steven Bigg, Lynn Bigg, Jonathan Stokes & Paul Brown: Won 24-16

Christine Linegar, Marjorie Convey, Mo Perry & Ron Homer: Won 18-13

Geraldine O’Donohue, Adrian Mellows, Bob Henstridge & Mac Otton: Won 22-14


All the helpers and catering staff plus supporters were very friendly the meal was excellent.


Everyone agreed it was a great day.  

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Joan Blaney Memorial Pairs - 5th-6th August 2016

This competition was held over the above weekend at Gedling Indoor Bowls Club.  There were 4 sections with 4 pairs, a total 16 bowlers playing on a round robin basis with each team playing 3 games in their section.


EALABA was once again represented by no less then 10 bowlers, we have had a really good turnout from Ealaba members over the last few events.  Those players for EALABA were Mac Otton, Dave Fisher, Gary Swift, Barry Jones, Daniel Lockhart, Ray Smith, Neil Smith, Bob Love, Adrian Mellows and Keith Urquhart.


After the final sections games, the results were Mac and Dave top of the group, Percy and Kevin top of the group, Ian and Simon top of group and Bob and Kiaran,

The semi finals were Bob & Kiaran versus Percy & Kevin: Mac & Dave versus Ian & Simon.


Finalists were Ian & Simon versus Bob & Kiaran.

3rd 4th place play off Mac & Dave versus Percy & Kevin.


Overall results:

Winners:  Ian & Simon

Runners: Bob & Kiaran

3rd place:  Percy & Kevin

4th place:  Mac & Dave


The weekend was once again well organised, the helpers and Margart & Bill all did an excellent job.  All the spectators who stayed behind to watch the final matches were giving  a great display of top class bowlers.

Well done everyone involved.


Photos:  Gallery   

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DBE Inter Region Challenge - 2016

Disability Bowls England held their first Inter Region Double Rink Event at Daventry Town Bowls on Sunday 18th September.

There were 4 Regions competing: North, South West, South East and the Midlands. Each region had 8 bowlers with all disability groups being represented.


EALABA was once again well represented with 11 members across the regions.


NORTH - Gary Swift, Keith Urquhart and Midlander Ray Smith being poached by the North as a stand in.

MIDLANDS - Adrian Mellows, Bob Love, Chris Grey, David Stearn and Mac Otton.

SOUTH EAST - Barry Jones, Bob Henstridge and David Fisher.


Each region played 3 sessions over the day, 2 teams of 4, at each session from the 4 regions.


The winner was the region with the most points at the end of the day the following result was announced: 4th Midlands, 3th North, 2nd South West and 1st South East.

The top 2 regions had the same points so it had to go back to shots difference with the South East just coming out on top.


Captain Dave Fisher picked up the Margaret Smith Sheild for his winning region.

It was a day well organised by Mo Monkton and Margaret Smith.  The Daventry Town Bowls Club looked after us really well with tea and cake all day and a lovely meal after the match.  Everyone agreed it was a most enjoyable day.

Report by Ros Otton


Photos:  Gallery  


DBE Masters Singles 19th/20th Noevmber 2016

Five EALABA members travelled to Gelding IBC, Nottingham to compete in the Disability Bowls England Masters Singles Championship last weekend.  Chris Gray, Bob Love, John Rogers and Neil Smith qualified from the EALABA National Championship and Mike Robertson stood in at the last minute.


The Championship was played in 4 groups of 4 players, the top 4 singles bowlers from EALABA, Cerebral Palsy Sport, Visual Impaired Bowls England and British Wheelchairs Bowlers Association.


Round robins results for EALABA bowlers - Chris Gray:  21-8, 20-15, 19-11; Bob Love:  21-2, 21-1, 21-10;  Mike Robertson:  18-14, 1-21, 11-21;  John Rogers:  12-12, 7-19, 21-9;  

Neil Smith:  13-17, 21-4, 20-13


Group winners contested 2 semi-finals;  Chris Gray bt George Ridgeon, BWBA:  20-13

Bob Love bt Simon Wright, BWBA:  17-11


The final was a hotly contested affair between Chris Gray and Bob Love (Finalists from the EALABA Singles Championships).  Bob’s more consistent play resulted in him finally winning 21-10.


Photos:  Gallery


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Joan Blaney Pairs - 2016 EALABA BE Presidents Squad DBE Inter Region Challenge - 2016